“Berufsbildende Schulen Oschersleben”

Our vocational college- with approximately 1,100 students and 50 staff- is located in a rural area in the west of Saxony-Anhalt. The region continues to suffer from a relatively high unemployment as compared to other regions in Germany. The labour market including apprenticeships has improved in the last few years, yet it is not balanced.  Despite this objective situation, some students are not aware of the fact that their own qualification is the key to this market. Our school offers a broad spectrum of training opportunities to young people qualifying them for an occupation which, on the one hand, corresponds to their skills and abilities, and on the other hand tries to meet the needs of the local labour market. We aim at educating the young people entrusted to us in a way that enables them to successfully meet the challenges of a knowledge-based society in a united Europe. In developing and challenging their skills and abilities we see the appropriate pedagogical method of contributing best to the students’ professional and personal development

Part of our students comes from families of disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with a high risk of social exclusion. Lots of these students have never had contact with other cultures. To win them for such an international project is of special importance to us. Furthermore, the number of students with a migrant background (refugees) has steadily increased since 2016. We seek to integrate them into the project and thus into the school community. Their personal experiences will be of high value to this project.

As reflected in our school’s epithet we feel committed to the European idea. Part of our philosophy is an education which enhances openness, tolerance and the intercultural competency among our students.

This international cooperation is to encourage all students to tackle questions of foreign and own identity. The project will strengthen their self-confidence and develop their respect and tolerance for other people, their history and culture. Moreover, with the help of this project, we hope to promote the inner-familial discourse as well as general communication skills.

We are proud of a long and close cooperation with our national and international partners. Student exchanges, placements abroad, international school and language projects make Europe a clear and conceivable notion to students. They deepen and extend their language skills, make friends with young people from different countries, get to know other ways of life, discover the world of work in our European neighbours’ countries.

Our school has taken part in several international projects such as Comenius and Leonardo. The key persons in this project have acquired the necessary organisational, communication and social skills and bring along the expertise for efficiently running those multinational projects. They are familiar with any requirements concerning project planning, implementation and troubleshooting. They are also experts with regard to the financial handling of projects of that scope. Moreover, for many projects in the past our school was the coordinating school and the persons involved here their main coordinators.

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